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Healing Spells

Healling Spells, Spiritual Healing & Spiritual Cleansing

Healing Spells

Healing Spells
Spirital Healing

Healing spells can involve all the alternative healing practices that can include Spiritual healing, Healing Prayer, herbal healing and many other concepts.

The Healing spells can be used for your own life or for others you know who need healing energy.
If you are working for someone else, always seek their permission beforehand and let them know you are casting a spell for their healing.
Healing spells can be used for physical, emotional or spiritual healing, whenever you feel that you need a boost or help with dealing with aspects of your life you’re finding difficult.
Using crystals such as Rose or Clear Quartz and Amethyst can often add potency and power to your workings.
Understanding the connection between mind, body, and spirit and viewing health as a holistic concept where all are linked and influence each other is often of huge benefit to anyone who wants to gain better health in their life.
healing Magic
Our thoughts, emotions and spiritual energies impact our bodies and vice versa.
By aligning with natural healing energies you can often find a greater sense of wellness and wholeness within your life, and help others to find the same as you work for them.
Remember that when working with Spiritual healing that it should always support the healing advice of medical practitioners.
Do not use healing spells as a substitute for medical advice and treatment – always use as a support and compliment to conventional medicine. In this category, you will find spells that will help you with self-healing as well as distance healing for others.

You can use the stop smoking or stop drinking spells to help you if you struggle with either of these addictions, or you can modify to help with other areas – for example, if you have issues with your diet or weight loss.

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Healing Prayer

Healing Prayer
Through Healing Prayers one can reach-out and address his or her issues and problems spiritually for assistance, Healing prayers are the best out there and if one can rely on them then through healing Prayer one’s issues can be solved.

Self-healing and transfer of energy

When we get sick, we are not so helpless, we have the power and resources to reverse the disease and put body and mind back into balance! I know it, I tried it myself.

This motivated me to do even more visualization and my focus on health was stronger. The next blood tests were again better and then, after a short time, I was ok again. The healing magic works like this, the principle is focus on health and enough energy, which is transferred into the body of the patient.

I tried it (unconsciously) also from the other side. It was at school, me and my friend didn’t want to do an exam, so we decided to stay home, being sick. My friend was good at pretending illness.


I wasn’t, so I thought, I hadn’t any other choice except get really sick. I visualized whole afternoon, how my body is sick, that i had a sore throat, I started to cough, I tried to feel bad.

In the evening I was still ok, but in the morning, to my great surprise, i was really sick. My throat was in pain, and I had a headache. My mother didn’t believe me first, but then, she went to the doctor. Doctor ordered me to go home and have a rest.

Own experience is the best experience. I realized, how powerful our thoughts are and what is the power of human mind. I recommend all people to pay attention to what kind of thoughts we have in our mind and what effect they have on our well-being. Read more, how to work with our mind and what is introspection.

Clemens Kubywrites in his book The way to the next dimension following truth: „Many times, illusory things have the stronger effect than real things“.

He writes, that if you want to heal yourself, you need to have the real motivation, the real meaning why. If your mind is negative, the disease will consume you. And, in order to stimulate the physical reaction, for the brain it is enough to create an „illusion“, not real situation.

Smoking treatment and White Magic

The smoking process is generally recommended when trying to get rid of disease from the premises. Wormwood is a healing and purifying addition to smoking. Not only does it cure disease, but also has the ability to banish demons and mental (psychic) attachments. Furthermore, it can lift dark / negative feelings into the light.

A particularly strong incense for health Palo Santo (holy wood), comes from Peru and has been used by the Indians living there for thousands of years. Primarily used as a remedy. It has a pleasant sweet scent with a hint of coconut. Demons fear this fragrance, because it stimulates the senses and creates a feeling of well being and harmony.

Psychics Spells for Healing


Healing spells are some of the most popular types of magic, after love and money spells, of course.

Unfortunately, spells for healing can be tricky because they involve a lot more than the subtle influences used to find a partner or gain some financial improvements.

Doing magic to physically heal the body is not always successful because you are trying to influence some very concrete physical conditions.

Of course, I’m talking about physical healing when I say that. Healing spells for emotional wounds are a little different. I’ll get to those later. For now, here are some basic health spells for physical healing, as well as some more specifically Wiccan healing spells also.

You can find healing spells related to fertility on another page, and a new page of additional spells for healing have now been added.

Power of 3 Healing Spell

This spells uses the strength of the number 3 to help speed healing of an illness. It’s best used when someone is ill, rather than injured. You can use this spell for yourself (if you are well enough to really focus on it) or for someone else. Your spell supplies are:

  • 3 candles (1 each of purple, blue and white)
  • Myrrh oil
  • Mint oil
  • Sandalwood oil
  • 3 pieces of quartz
  • 3 small pieces of paper

Anoint each of the candles with all 3 oils, and set them up in an even triangle shape on your altar. Anoint the stones as well, and place one in front of each candle. Write the name of the ill person on each piece of paper, and place them in the center of the triangle.

Light each candle and focus on the person who is sick. Think about them being healthy and free of their symptoms. Picture them strongly in your mind as the candles burn. Repeat the following three times:

Magick mend and candle burn,
Illness leave and health return

Leave the candles to burn for 3 hours, then snuff them out. Your subject should soon start to improve, but you can add some extra power to your spell if you do the entire ritual for 3 nights in a row rather than just once.


Abracadabra Healing Charm

This is a very simple spell, but it’s been around for thousands of years and comes from old occult practices. I thought I’d include it.

Write the word “Abracadabra” on a small piece of paper, and on each line, right the word with one less letter, like this:












Roll the paper up and wear it around your neck. The belief is that the illness will disappear just like the word did.

Additional healing spells    are just a few clicks away if you need more ideas for your Healing

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